Active members of the Texas Food & Fuel Association are encouraged to serve on the association’s standing committees. Members may volunteer to serve or participate in the meetings of the Retail Operations Committee, Wholesale Operations Committee, Legislative Committee or Membership Committee. Each of these committees considers important issues related to the petroleum marketing and convenience store industries. Association members wishing to serve on these committees should contact the committees’ staff liaison for more information.

Political Action Committee

The Texas Food & Fuel Association PAC makes campaign contributions to elected officials and candidates for elective office. The PAC’s contributions are limited to members of the Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate as well as statewide officeholders including Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and others.

Contributions from the PAC to candidates and elected officials are approved by the PAC Trustees. The PAC Trustees include three members of the Board of Directors appointed by the Chairman and the four regional directors of the association. The association makes every effort to deliver PAC contributions in the officeholder’s home district with our members’ participation.

Contributions to the PAC must be in the form of personal monies (no corporate funds are permitted). The association hosts events throughout the year to raise funds for the PAC in addition to personal and mailed solicitations.

Chair – Terry Maxey, Maxey Energy Company

Legislative Committee

Members of this committee have the responsibility of soliciting ideas, requests and demands from the membership and organizing them into a coordinated policy of legislative action for recommendation to the Board of Directors. The committee may also recommend legislative policy in response to a specific emergency or crisis.

Chair – Shon Ross, Nothin’ Butt Smokes

Membership Committee

Encouraging greater participation among current members in Association activities and securing new members are the primary goals of the Membership Committee. Members work with Association staff on an ongoing basis regarding new member prospects, and they are also responsible for the development of a membership marketing program.

Chair – Rick Golman, Empire Petroleum Partners, LLC

Retail Operations Committee

The Retail Operations Committee considers issues related to the operation of retail facilities. The committee makes recommendations to the Association’s Board of Directors regarding such issues as lottery, tobacco, food service, alcoholic beverages, payment systems or retail trends.

Chair – Dan Baker, Regal Oil, Inc.

Wholesale Operations Committee

The Wholesale Operations Committee considers issues related to the operation of businesses engaged in the bulk sale of motor fuels or lubricants. The committee makes recommendations to the Association’s Board of Directors regarding transportation, storage, security and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements regarding fuels and lubricants.

Chair – Aaron Nilsson, W.O.I. Petroleum, Inc.


The committee consists of supplier members who dedicate their time and effort to assist the association staff and promote the ideals of the Texas Food & Fuel Association. They volunteer their time during the annual convention and Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo to ensure everyone attending has an enjoyable and productive experience. You will see the familiar red WRANGLERS golf shirt around the trade show and hotel, at registration, in the hallways, and wherever else they are needed.

The WRANGLERS organize the annual Fall Golf Tournament in conjunction with the Fall Conference. Funds raised from the tournament provide support to the Texas Food & Fuel Association Scholarship Foundation, Annual Convention Sponsorship and the Association’s PAC Silent Auction. 2006 marked the inaugural awarding of the WRANGLER Scholarship, so named from the $10,000 plus endowment the WRANGLERS have made to the Texas Food & Fuel Association Scholarship Foundation.

President – Bud Moore, Paragon Solutions, Inc.
Vice-President – Suzanne Spence, White Tucker Company